Lecture + workshop on Service Design in Russia
Transformation Through Service Design. Global Service Design Conference (Wales)
INTERSECTION Conference for Strategic Enterprise Design (France)
Master Class on Brand Driven Innovation, TU Delft (Netherlands)
Sustainability Makers Convention (Germany)
Freelance Illustration
L'Oreal Design Contest: Future Pharmacy
Urban mobility: roundabout
IxDA Challenge: Information for Life
Kr├╝ger Coffee Cup for Cologne Bonn Airport
Transit. Reflections.
Amplify Cologne
Internet of Things: Reminder
Design for cultural innovation, Hong Kong
talkSense / Conversation ice-breaker
FORBES Photography
Designing sustainable behaviour: NERO
Creativity tools evaluation
Contextual studies
Amplify Cologne
SuSeDe: Designing Convivial Encounters
In the shadow of my house
Kung Fu Cha Dao: New Perspectives on Chinese Tea Culture
Online exhibition: Poverty
Requiem for Nature
Designing KISD Currency
Deutscher Kamera Preis
Advertising Photography
3D: the game which is never over
Layout concept for KISD Yearbook
Presseportal for media company "pressrelations"